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ASMI WAIMH-España y Conecta Perinatal son dos entidades comprometidas con el bienestar psiperinatal y familiar. ASMI WAIMH-España se enfoca en la promoción de la salud mental infantil y el apego desde la perspectiva de la Asociación Mundial para la Salud Mental Infantil (WAIMH), mientras que Conecta Perinatal concentra sus esfuerzos en la atención integral durante el periodo perinatal.
Ambas asociaciones se han unido para organizar el Congreso Internacional 2025, un evento de gran relevancia en el ámbito psiperinatal y familiar. Este congreso busca crear un espacio de intercambio de conocimientos, experiencias y prácticas entre profesionales, investigadores y familias, con el objetivo de promover la salud mental y el bienestar desde la concepción hasta los primeros años de vida.

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Welcome to the
1st European-Latin American Congress of Psiperinatality

Welcome to the European – Latin American Congress Perinatality, Childhood and Family HOW
DO WE CARE?” co-organized by CONECTA PERINATAL and ASMI WAIMH-Spain.

This congress is part of the desire to take care of the mental health of mothers, fathers, babies, boys and girls from preconception and aims to facilitate meetings, scientific communication, interdisciplinary exchanges and the development of regional and international solidarity alliances between entities of users, public services or private entities dedicated to maternal, paternal, child and family mental health care.

Pascual Palau Subiela – President of the organizing committee









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Sign up for this congress and access a place to share experiences from a scientific, social and interdisciplinary relationship point of view, as well as attend important conferences at the hands of the great references that we have at a European and Latin American level.

Open enrollment.

16 February 2023

Open enrollment

What does the congress platform offer?

From this platform you can:

Sign up through the form, select the type of subscription to the sessions you need and how you would like it.

You will find the two simultaneous broadcast rooms where the presentations will take place. They will be active the days of the event.

You can have the option if you wish to have a visible profile in the list of attendees indicating the profession to be able to generate communication with other professionals through the networking section.

You will be able to view all the speakers with a brief description of their work, as well as for those who wish, their contact information available to the attendees. You will also be able to see at what times and in which rooms they will hold their presentations.

Access the section where you can see the presentation regulations so that you can send the works

Check the conference schedule to find out when and in which room the activities are taking place

If you wish, you can have access to share experiences and contact with other attendees at the conference through an open chat for those registered who wish to have an accessible profile, it is a great opportunity to share experiences since there will be many professionals from various countries

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About Congress

An unprecedented event

This international congress is aimed at facilitating the assistance of affected mothers and fathers, obstetricians, midwives, neonatologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, early care specialists, social workers, educators 0-6 , anthropologists, ethnographers, lawyers, judges, architects, speech therapists, psychomotricists, physiotherapists, etc.

Open to the participation of European and Latin American specialists, they will present a diversity of works, research, programs and psychiatric initiatives that seek to promote perinatal mental health from a multidisciplinary perspective and reflective discussion will be facilitated in spaces set up for group meetings.

Throughout 3 days we will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experiences exhibited in 16 central presentations, in 60 presentations distributed in 12 symposia and in monographic spaces for group presentation, as well as in spaces for discussion on monographic topics. In addition, spaces will be enabled for the meeting between the participants of the conference.

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Conecta Perinatal

The Spanish-speaking and international alliance on Perinatal and Family Mental Health

Promoted by its creation by ASMI WAIMH Spain in June 2020, the Spanish-speaking Alliance for Perinatal and Family Mental Health “CONECTA PERINATAL” is part of the dynamics of the World Alliance for Maternal Mental Health (https:// globalalliancematernalmentalhealth.org) to which it belongs as a member since August 2020, and in close union with the Francophone Alliance for perinatal mental health (https://alliance-psyperinat.org), the Maternal Mental Health Alliance: ( https://maternalmentalhealthalliance.org) and the Canadian Alliance.

The Spanish-speaking Alliance for Perinatal and Family Mental Health “CONECTA PERINATAL”, which currently brings together more than 30 Spanish and Latin American institutions, aims to bring together the largest number of national and international Spanish-speaking user associations, scientific societies and socio-health entities non-profit organization to continuously favor an authentic prioritization of public policies related to the perinatal period, and, in particular, its psychological and psychosocial dimensions, in order to achieve coordinated and excellent healthcare and social .care, caregiving of perinatal and family mental health.

CONECTA PERINATAL aspires to promote the development of adapted and sustained care for families with the awareness and union of all professional caregivers of this period, facilitating an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional union. ASMI WAIMH Spain is the Spanish affiliate of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH).

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